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  • 50 cm extension leaf
  • Melamine - resistant material
  • 160x90 cm
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Special Price BGN299.00

* instead of  BGN375.00

Dining Tables In COMO, you will find the right dining table, whether for a small group of people or for a big family dinner, which will meet your requirements. Looking for a small corner table in the dining room? Or you would like to have a dinner on a solid wooden table? And maybe you might expect up to 12 guests and you need a place to accommodate them at your table? We have a solution for every requirement.
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Special Price BGN599.00

* instead of  BGN799.00

  • 120-160x80 cm
  • high-gloss white
  • Decorative elements in chrome effect
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Trend Factory

Special Price BGN599.00

* instead of  BGN642.00

  • 160-200 cm
  • Additional furniture items available.
  • Extendible table
  • With two extension leaves, 40 cm each
  • Elegant design
Dining Table

Special Price BGN299.00

* instead of  BGN399.00

  • With an extension leaf
  • Extends up to 180 cm
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Special Price BGN349.00

* instead of  BGN499.00

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K+W Polstermoebel

Special Price BGN1,999.00

* instead of  BGN2,463.00

  • 150-198 cm
  • Heart-shaped Walnut
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Special Price BGN399.00

* instead of  BGN465.00

Масивна маса за хранене

Special Price BGN799.00

* instead of  BGN985.00

  • Solid oak wood
  • Extendible
  • Tabletop thickness: 25 mm
Разтегателна маса за хранене

Special Price BGN499.00

* instead of  BGN645.00

  • Extends to 200 cm
  • Tabletop thickness: 20 mm
  • 160x80 cm
Items 1 to 15 of 45 total