COMO PLUS General Conditions

The present general conditions ("General Conditions") shall regulate the relations between Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD and the users of COMO PLUS (the "Programme").

By filling in this form, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree with these General Conditions.


The present Programme, which gives you the right to receive discounts for each purchase and to benefit from other special offers, starts on 02.01.2017.

1.1. Upon a single purchase to an amount exceeding BGN 3000, you shall obtain the special CLIENT CARD COMO PLUS.

1.2. A participant in the Programme can be any natural person with permanent address in the Republic of Bulgaria who has reached the age of 18 or a legal entity, through its legal representative /i.e. the user can be the legal representative or a person authorized by the later - by means of a power of attorney in relation to which no certification by Notary Public is required/.

1.3. The CLIENT CARD is personal and it is forbidden to assign it to another person. Each participant is entitled to one card only.

1.4. The CLIENT CARD can be received at a cash desk, in the COMO store, after an application form has been filled in.

1.5. The issuing of a CLIENT CARD is free of charge.

1.6. The CLIENT CARD is not a credit card; it is issued individually, in the name of the person and is only valid for the COMO hypermarket.

1.7. Discounts cannot be cashed and shall not be valid for additional services.

1.8. Before making a purchase, show your CLIENT CARD COMO PLUS to a consultant or at the cash desk in order to benefit from from the card's discounts and advantages. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD reserves the right to request also the showing of a personal ID card with the aim of confirming the right of ownership.

1.9. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD shall be entitled to change the amount and number of the discounts it provides. Only the ones published at the web page PLUS shall be valid.

1.10. The products participating in special offers of the Programme shall be valid while stocks last.

1.11. Should a participant return an item purchased through a discount under COMO PLUS, and if /in case the amount paid by said participant for such product is to be refunded, Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD shall refund only the amount actually paid by him/her for the relevant product.


2.1. Upon a single purchase to an amount exceeding BGN 3000, you obtain the CLIENT CARD COMO PLUS.

2.2. Upon each subsequent purchase, you receive 3% discount for all items, after presenting your card.

2.3. Upon purchases of furniture and accessories to a total amount exceeding BGN 10 000, the discount you can receive shall be 4% on all goods from our assortment.

2.4. A birthday surprise.

2.5. Exclusive offers.

2.6. Special e-newsletter


3.1. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD is entitled to unilaterally and without prior notice deprive a COMO PLUS CLIENT CARD user of his/her rights and/or ban the use of said card in case of violation of/failure to observe the conditions.

3.2. The CLIENT CARD shall grant privileges to the participants only throughout the period during which the programme is valid. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD is entitled to determine the validity period of the COMO PLUS Programme at its discretion.

3.3. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD is entitled at any time to change unilaterally the present General Conditions and the Card Conditions of Use, as well as to terminate the Programme without prior notice.

3.4. Each change in the General Conditions, as well as the termination of the Programme shall be communicated to the participants at the internet address /COMO PLUS/ and/or in any other appropriate manner at the discretion of Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD.

3.5. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOODshall not bear any liability in relation to the participants concerning any change in the General Conditions, a modification of the Programme or its termination.

3.6. The participants understand and agree that COMO PLUS is organized at the unilateral initiative of the trader and it does not in any manner whatsoever oblige the customers of COMO Hypermarket to take part and/or buy products.


4.1. The CLIENT CARD can be replaced free of charge in cases of loss, theft or perishing – in the COMO Hypermarket.

4.2. The participants shall immediately inform Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD in the event of loss or theft of their CLIENT CARD in order that said card can be blocked from use.

4.3. The valid and up-to-date General Conditions shall always be solely and exclusively those published at the following internet PLUS/. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD shall not be liable if at a certain moment there is a discrepancy between any conditions stated elsewhere in other information media and those on our internet page и


5.1. The participants in the Programme hereby declare that they are aware of and agree with the following:

5.2. By accepting the General Conditions you agree that Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD and its employees, depending on their duties have access to part of or the entire information filled in upon your registration for participation in the Programme but without the right to disseminate, disclose, grant or assign it to third parties, except when necessary for the performance of a contract or when it is required by the authorized authorities and, in any case, pursuant to Bulgarian law and Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

5.3. Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD is a registered personal data administrator with Identification Number/Certificate Number 0036919, and does provide the protection of such data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and the laws and regulations related to it and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

5.4. By accepting the General Conditions, you agree that Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD can process the personal data provided upon registration in the Programme, for the following purposes:
- for implementation of contractual relationships;
- technical database administration;
- after obtaining your explicit consent - for advertising campaigns, marketing and market research, sending advertising offers and materials.
You also agree that in relation to processing your personal data, Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria ЕOOD can submit such data to third parties as well, solely and exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes or pursuant to legal provisions.

5.5. You have the right to be informed about the details and purposes of use of your personal data stored by us.
You shall, at any time, be able to:
- Request a correction to the above information,
- To transfer them to third parties (right to data portability)
- You can refuse to receive information about products/discounts and promotions of Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria EOOD, as well as refuse to receive other advertising materials and offers,
- To request that your registration in COMO PLUS be deletedthrough a written request submitted by the account holder after his/her identity has been verified sent to the following address:Sofia, 267 Okolovrasten Pat St.

5.6. If you have any further questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal information, please contact us!

Möbel Ludwig Bulgaria EOOD
Telephone: 02 976 70 70
Address: city Sofia 267 Okolovrasten Pat Str.

The present conditions were last updated on May 17th 2018.